Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is a German Shepherd Dog right for you?

These strong athletic dogs may not be for everyone. They often need strenuous activity and challenges. If they’re not socialized at a young age and throughout their lives they may not trust humans or animals they don’t know. However, when they do know you they’re loyal faithful companions.

German Shepherd Dogs may be the dog for you if you DON’T mind: 
  • Activities such as Frisbee, fetch, brisk walks.
  • Protective personality.
  • Being a firm consistent leader.
German Shepherd Dogs may NOT be the dog for you if you mind: 

  • Constant heavy shedding.
  • Possible health issues.
  • Public perception of your breed
  • Having that constant possibility of a lawsuit or breed ban. 

Things that you can do to help avoid or minimize negative traits:

  • Carefully choose the right puppy for your lifestyle. 
  • Raise and train these wonderful dogs with positive re-enforcement.
  • Consider choosing an adult dog so that you know what you’re getting. 

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